Since 2006, we have strived to add value to the sport of volleyball through seeking ways to help grow the sport and repair broken relationships between teams, players and agents.


Our Mission

Enabling international athletes to realize their capacity as accomplished athletes, global citizens with opportunities for longterm success in and out of sport. We feel no athlete should be ill-prepared for their journey through sport or life with the lessons we can help them learn along the way.

What We've Achieved

Pro Volley

College Volley

  • Successful operation since 2006...
  • Over 20 players in each of the 3 major European cups: CEV Champion's League, CEV cup and CEV Challenge Cup
  • Exclusive representation of over 40 national team athletes from USA, Canada, Austria, Hungary, Bosnia & Serbia
  • Partnership with the world's first pro athlete mentorship and educational program Beyond Athletic featuring a podcast w/ over 30,000 listens in 80+ countries worldwide!
  • In 2017, Launched a new service to our exclusive athletes where we train them for life as a pro. This includes foundational health management (peak physical-mental-emotional-social training), legal independent contractor status & tax preparation, building their brand & more

Other Services | International Exposure Camps in Europe/USA

The plan is for these to be opportunities for youth, college, pro & national teams to find ways to get exposure, competition & build international networks!
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  • In 2016 we organized the first ever international exposure camp for men and women's teams of Blizzard Volley. There were a total of 12 matches over 10 days for both teams vs a Slovenian team OK Kranj & the best Serbian teams: OK Partizan, Crvena Zvezda (Red Star), ZOK Jedinstvo, Dinamo Pancevo Odbojka, ZOK TENT AND more!
  • In 2016, with our guidance the Bahraini men's national volleyball team traveled to Belgrade, Serbia to train with the best Serbian clubs led by our favorite Brazilian coach, Carlos Schwanke!

Whether you’re searching for a team, player or just guidance. has the knowledge, experience & network to help you accomplish your goals. Our values are based in integrity, selflessness and patience.
— RJO, Owner @