2018 Pro Skills & Exposure Camps

PRO PLAYER Camp Details


We will teach you the same level of skill breakdown as Team USA and other national team and developmental pro coaches do... You will go over the basic keys of every skills and get 1on1 instruction as a small group from our experienced coaches... you will also get to test these out in 6vs6 practice session vs local clubs where you can prove your ability and what you're learning. This coaching will be more intense for each basic volleyball skill than you will get with 95% of pro clubs because there is no time to teach pro's how to play volleyball. The focus in mostly on performance and team systems. Well get your national team level education here! Outside of the court we have pro mentors helping you learn how to be a serious pro!


Session #1 & 2 will feature Team Romania's Daiana MURESAN voted 2014-15 BEST OPPOSITE of the Italian A1 league! She's be honing her skills as will our #EliteVolleyFAM, European youth talents from U23 and below national teams showcasing skills in trainings & training matches throughout the week!

Have pro clubs watch your level with every skill in-person and via live stream and on-demand videos stored online!

#2 GET PRO LEVEL FOUNDATIONS --> Strengthen key skills for any position whether weak or strong... you're looking to hone or build skills to get to the next level. Our coaches comes from national team backgrounds from USA, FIN, DEN, SRB, etc. and you will not get 1 on 1 detailed coaching from a pro level anywhere else in Europe.

#3 GET PROOF --> Platform to change to or prove your level in a new position... this is where you get hands-on coaching and video from trainings and matches! Our Maria DANCHEVA came to April's event and is now in the Korean Tryout in Italy doing well!

#4 GO PRO --> We will have local and international pro's in the camp and/or coaching skills or sessions off the court about how to be a pro... what you don't know but need to know. If you depend on others for your career you will most likely fail sometimes before you even start!

LOCATION? Heart of Europe in Belgrade, Serbia (Might be local trips for matches/trainings with pro/national selection teams.)

NEXT DATES? June 7-14 & September (Pick on form)

(will include 2x/day indoor training/matches,  strength & conditioning foundational coaching by local experts, lodging, 2 meals/day, transportation to trainings/matches & videos via USB/Google Drive same day)

  • US Rookies 850€
  • Current Pro’s 650€
  • Local Serb’s 50-100€ (100 if not natl team)
  • Special invite FREE (Limited to mostly 14-22yr old talents We know would benefit greatly and could change their career/life with this chance to be honed and exposed to great European/USA teams. )


  • VIDEO OF ALL TRAININGS & MATCHES (these are as a group, vs Partizan, a 1st league club + local teams that compete in the best Euro Cups)
  • LIVE STREAM FOR SPECIAL SKILLS TRAINING (towards end of camp so you are at your best)
  • LIVE STREAM OF SELECT MATCHES (pushed to teams & coaches worldwide)
  • HEALTH FOUNDATION COACHING SESSIONS --> Local & international coaches to create or hone your physical, emotional & mental habits and skills. These pro's have worked in/with up to the Olympic levels! They will work on nutrition, proper lifting/conditioning techniques, visual imagery, breathing/mind control and more. The coaches include Pavle Gavrilovic & Boris Simurina (Holistic foundational health coach) who has worked with Olympians!
  • MENTOR SESSIONS --> You'll attend just a couple extremely valuable Get2Know/QnA sessions with local and participating high level pro's still in the game or vet's with incredible résumés... like Anja Spasojevic, Therese Crawford, Ryan Jay Owens (host of BeyondAthletic.com podcast with over 50K listens globally), and others based on when their season ends!
  • MORE INTERNATIONAL EXPOSURE POSSIBLE... If we find out teams in surrounding countries want to scrimmage or come from outside of Belgrade (or we visit them) this will be a bonus as is VERY HIGHLY POSSIBLE but based of of schedules/results of teams.
  • VOLLEYBALL COACHES --> Serbian, USA & national team level coaches along with EliteVolley.com Owner (RJO) will give you a mix of technical guidance, guidance and growth both on and off the court. See featured staff below!

Staff Highlights:

  • Alessandro LODI (Modena, Italy Native)
    Currently working in Japan's top men’s league, has over 20 years of experience at every level, having coached juniors, college and professional teams in 8 countries, including Italy, Poland, USA and the women’s national team of Finland. He had the opportunity to be mentored by legendary Carl McGown and to work with and learn from some of the world’s best coaches (such as Karch Kiraly - Hall of Famer & Team USA head coach, Jim McLaughlin - Washington Huskies NCAA D1, Hugh McCutcheon Minnesota D1 NCAA and former Team USA head coach, et al.), while also studying the mental aspects of the game thoroughly in order to help his players. “Alessandro Lodi is an excellent teacher in both the technical and mental aspects of volleyball and I hope that many other players will continue to benefit from his coaching” says two-time Olympic medalist Courtney Thompson. We’re thrilled that Alessandro has happily agreed to put his knowledge at the disposal of all June camp participants and for video sessions during our April camp!

  • Nicholas BUSER (Switzerland Native)
    Has spent the last eight seasons coaching in the two top divisions (NLB/NLA) in Switzerland, the last five as a pro coach. During this time I have always also worked with young players and helped them reach NLA or national team level. Add to that some international experience as an assistant coach with the Swiss junior national team and as a volunteer coach with the Swiss senior national team and the Berlin Recycling Volleys. Carl McGown mentee and strong GMS background, coached at their clinics at University of Washington and in Switzerland.

  • Local Serbian Coaches too!

Partner Coaches/Teams:

  • OK Partizan
    Superliga team finished 8th out of 10 in 1st year in Superliga & 1/4 Finals Serbian Cup
    • Coach: Ivan STELJIC (Serbia)
      Born: 31st of January, 1981. 2016- Current Head coach OK Partizan where first the 1st time in history the club participated in the Superliga (after receiving an unanticipated  wildcard to play with a team built for the 2nd league). They were ranked with a very inexperienced team as high as finished 8 of 10 and made the 1/4 Finals of the Cup! Former head coach of a U16 Serbian National women team (2015-2016) where he took the team to two silver medals in international championships for the Balkans in Turkey/Bulgaria. Former assistant of two cup winning teams with OK Vizura who were then and are current champions of Serbia's Superliga. As well as Serbian U15 champions (2015). He finished his second Masters as a volleyball coach from the Faculty for Sport – University Union Nicola Tesla in Belgrade.




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2016 Belgrade Camp


Belgrade, Serbia AKA Volleyball Capitol of Europe!