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The following pages will take you to our list of international recruits... Many of whom are members of their respective national teams! 

This list started with just a few girls back in 2013... and has grown slowly until 2016. 2017 marks the start of our paid service after having recruits that worked with us finds homes in D1 programs across the country from Long Beach to Tallahassee to West Virginia to South Carolina!

We started EliteVolley.com with a plan to represent pro's and help them not only find clubs but transition into pro ball and grow faster than others... We realized while working and living abroad that young talent were being charged to find schools abroad when most can barely afford the NCAA Clearinghouse fees! 

Our plans help them get FREE exposure and connections to USA (Canada you too!) schools from JUCO to NCAA D1!


Join Us and find top recruits from Serbia, Montenegro, Greece, Croatia, Slovakia, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Brazil (soon), etc and watch our list grow... -The EliteVolley.com


1 Month = $150

3 Months = $300

1 Year = $575

  • UNLIMITED ACCESS: 1, 3 or 12 months to one webpage with our complete list and all contact info for the athletes!

  • PLAYER PROFILES: Each player has a profile AKA CV/resumé which has all physical info, GPA's, Majors they are interested in, school & playing history, awards and even NCAA Clearinghouse + test scores once completed.. These are hyperlinked to their names on our list. You will always have access to the player's profile by saving their CV in Google Drive once you like them... We mentor the athletes to keep these up-to-date.

  • CONTACT INFO: Get all student-athlete contact details on the same page phone, email & social media!

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Options 2 - 4 below are for schools looking to travel abroad and find/see players first hand. Maybe you’ve already got some plan but need to get more out of your trip.. or maybe you just don’t know where to start. We can help!
— Ryan (Owner @ EliteVolley.com)




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European "Pro" Camp

This is a one-of-a-kind camp where we bring together mostly U.S.A & #EliteVolleyFAM players that are soon-to-be rookie pro's, current pro's (including those labeled pro but are interested and potential college recruits) + international coaches that are either scouting for talents for schools or pro teams with some coaches even doing hands on skills trainings during the training portions of the camp.

It's half skills camp/half exposure camp with scrimmages vs local and nearby foreign teams (pro/national selection teams) plus USA colleges and even top U.S. youth clubs.