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Recruit List

Contact Info for athletes is below master list (Will update into sheets format soon!)

Student-Athlete Contact Info

We mentor these young athletes to learn about the USA/CAN school opportunity. We help them:

  • Build the resumés above and keep them up-to-date for coaches..

  • Get their NCAA Clearinghouse registration completed by teaching them about getting transcripts & contracts, etc.

  • Studying for & taking tests...

  • Networking with current and ex-NCAA foreigners

  • Hearing (foreign) NCAA veterans stories on BEYONDATHLETIC.COM

  • Keeping their USA/CAN offers organized and more...

So, PLEASE, when contacting any athlete on our lists we can help them and you by keeping their offers organized...

cc: ryan@elitevolley.com on the initial email only :)

[Disclaimer: We will not provide scouting reports on players to NCAA schools]